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Dedicated to advancing the art of knitting through the sharing of ideas and techniques, education and community involvement.

Outside of the meetings, we also have workshops and special events such as our annual spring Knitter’s Frolic – a full day of workshops, shopping, and sitting around with like-minded individuals. We are also involved in special projects like “Knitting for a Cure” and “Relay for Life”.

Toronto Small Business Insurance Options To Consider

A small business in Toronto may not necessarily have many employees or a large office to conduct its operations from. However, it will still need coverage with the right policy to sufficiently protect its assets. For instance, when starting up a small business in Toronto, one can’t afford to avoid comprehensive commercial insurance policy. This kind of insurance policy packages the basics of commercial insurance as well as business property and liability coverage.

Toronto small business insurance: the basics

Even though a small business is characterized by a few employees and small office space, it still needs the same type of basic coverage that a large business premise may need. Property and liability insurance are the minimum that a small business must have. Property insurance covers all content of the office or business premise, while liability insurance protects against a potential lawsuit.

However, these basics don’t represent the total picture of Other coverage options still need to be considered depending on the type of business and its particular risk factors.

Property and liability insurance are often sold together as a very basic form of insurance policy. Property insurance may cover theft, vandalism and other damages. On the other hand, liability insurance comes into action when you as the business owner or your employees are accused of negligence that can lead to a legal suit.

Adding to this basic form of insurance coverage

Once you add all the missing bits, you will build a complete protection for your business. For instance, if you run a professional office, you’ll need to go for what is known as professional liability. With this coverage, you’ll be sufficiently protected against legal suits that arise due to professional performance.

The most common type of insurance under this category is malpractice insurance, although this coverage is mostly mentioned in the medical field. In reality, malpractice insurance can cover different kinds of professions.

In addition to this, insurers now have error and omissions insurance for small business owners in Toronto. This type of insurance protects you and your business from inadvertent mistakes that end up costing your client in the long run. If your business engages in tax preparation, auditing, or representing clients in court, you definitely need this coverage option to protect your business.

How about product liability insurance?

This applies when your business is somehow involved in product manufacturing. This coverage will protect you against losses arising from manufacturing defects that are likely to cause trouble.

Also, in the event that your business is involved in operating a fleet of vehicles, you will need commercial auto policy to cover losses arising from company car accidents.


There are many more options to go for as a small business owner. Ultimately, your choice boils down to the type of business you do and the kind of asset you own. You should therefore consider topping up your existing policy with an extended liability coverage that seals all loopholes.